Vehicle ID Scan

Capture and Transmit VIN and TIN for Electronic DOT Registrations

Tire registration just got easier.

Solutions with SmartScanPro™

SmartScanPRO™ captures and transmits data immediately, streamlining the registration process.

SmartScanPRO™ represents a significant advancement in the automotive aftermarket industry. It adeptly captures essential data such as tire identification numbers (TIN), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and serial numbers from the tire’s sidewall. This expedites the retrieval of vital information like tire age, specifications, and manufacturing origin. Notably, the technology drastically reduces the time commitment from minutes to mere seconds for recording tire sidewall specifics. 

With 40% of all DOT registration records invalid due to human error entry*, the standard registration process leaves enormous room for human entry error.  


  • Instant Identification: Rapidly scan and capture VIN and TIN data with precision, eliminating manual data entry errors.
  • Electronic Transmission: Seamlessly transmit captured data, reducing paperwork and manual intervention.
  • Compliance Confidence: Ensure accurate and timely DOT registrations, avoiding potential fines or delays. Tire dealers are required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to facilitate tire registrations. Tire manufacturers are legally obligated to notify these owners of record in case of a recall.
  • Effortless Record Keeping: Store scanned data for future reference and audits, promoting streamlined documentation.

Reduce your liability and threat of fines with SmartScanPRO™, all while increasing consumer safety on the road. 


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